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luv quotes
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anYtiMe u fEel lIke u jUs caNt hOld oN *
* jUs hoLd onTo mY LoVe i'll hElp yOu be StrOnG *.

The way i feel about you, something i cant explain.
the way i react when i just hear your name
Damn. Love is insane

Real Loss is when you love someone
More than you love YourSelF
whEn I 1St sAw u I knEw iT WaS TrU I wAs MeAnT 2 fAlL In LoVe WiTh yOu

.DoNt BeLiEvE tHe GuY wHo TeLLs U He LoVeS u
,BeLiEvE tHe GuY tHaT sHoWs U hE dOeS.'.
Just because lips have *MeT*
Dont mean hearts have *JoInEd*.
Love is a very precious thing..
when you find it.. Dont ever let it go