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MsN NaMeS aNd QuoTeS
more sad quotes

its so hard to watch the person you love kiss some1 else
You &Fight & Struggle & Feel Pain
Until One Day You Realize:
. He AiN`t WoRtH iT .
If it took so Little to love you,
WhY iS iT taKiN sO mUcH tO foRgEt yOu?
so this is where i say goodbye. this is where the story ends.. and if theres on thing i learned from life.. it always gets you in the end!
Sometimes things are only clear..
Once our vision is blurred with tears..
I'm here but you don't see me, I cry but you don't hear me, I talk but you don't listen, my heart breaks but you don't know.
I can't promise I can stop you from having problems. But i can promise you that you will never have to face them alone.
 it's not -Love- that hurts, It's the infatuation that we foolishly accept as
love that hurts..*True love* should never have to hurt..

I'm So SiCk Of BeInG LoNeLy, I NeEd a MaN tO hOlD mE..SoMeoNe 2 tAkE aWaY
tHiS PaIn ThAt'S gOt Me GoInG InSaNe..
I just want you to know that I don’t regret a single moment I ever spent with you.
Since you been gone
My nights are sleepless
My days are hopeless
And my tears are endless
TaKe tHiS rAzOr n SiGn mY wRiSt
sO eVeRy1 KnOwS wHo LeFt mE liKe ThiS
AlL ThEsE [SmIlEz]
JuSt cOvA Up tHa [PaIn]
i will remember yEw
and all the things we used to doO
babi i wish it was styll me n yEw
Just when I think Im over u,
I feel the pain again when i see u.
Just when i thought we were done,
Time has taught me that ur the one...
We said our goodbyes and decided that it didn't work and never would, but I must confess I kept my fingers crossed. For sometime you had me believing that you only wanted me, but now everything has changed. You don't want me at all and I want you back
No MaTTeR hOw LoNg i WaiT fOr YoU
My WiShEs AnD dReAmS wiLL nEvEr CuM tRuE
So ThE oNLy ThiNg ThAt i CaN dO
iS hOLd BaCk My TeArS aNd 4GeT aBoUt YoU
You look into my eyes-I look into your soul
You hold my hand-I hold your heart
You're eyes twinkle-My body tingles
You prove your love-I prove my willingness
You show your lies-I show my truths
You push me away-I come closer
You don’t talk-I still try to listen
You yell-I cry
You leave-I die

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