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MsN NaMeS aNd QuoTeS
girly quotes

JeAnS hUgN-bOyZ lUvN
hAiR dUn Up*iLl MaKe-Up
eNtEr dA pLaCe-StArN hOeZ iN tHe FaCe
BaM...tHeRe gOeS aLl Ya MeN
mE n Me GrLz ArE bEtTa tHaN u tImE

i TrY tO bE bAd bUt nO1 WiLL LeT mE
FiRsT u DiSsEd mE
nOw u WaNnA kIsS mE
bUt iTs tOo LaTe bAbY
cOz nOw u MiSsEd mE!
BiCh PLeAz..
**iTz MoRe LiKe**
GoDdAm SHe DiD iT aGaiN!
¤º¨ImA bangiN babIi WiT tHa sExIi LiL fLo¨º¤
- - > .i..n..n..o..c..e..n..t. ? < - - HaHa..FUK no!!!
My ex boyfriend keeps my name in his mouth,
B/c he knows I got madd flavor.
if yOu play me
ill play yOu tO0
cuz i knOw i can dO
better than yOu
sWeEt bY LiGhT
* NaUgHtY By NiGhT *
AnGeL FrOm aBoVe
* JuSt 4 YoU 2 LoVe*

.*.Im Da cUte LiL chIk wit a SweeT Kizz.*.
.*.WhAt PlAyA?.*.
.*.U wAnt thiS..?.*.
.*.HeLL nAW u WisH!.*.
sexy little shorty... 100 percent.
tryin' to kill my rep ??
nah, you won't make a dent.
Im LikE a dRiNk yoU cAnt pUt doWn
gOt MeN ComIn BacK FoR aNoTheR RouNd!
AnGeL mUh AsS iMmA BTcH wIt ClaSs

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