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                 I'm sorry
Im srry i was a bitch this year, I'm srry i was mean.
I'm srry i didnt care enough, When you really needed me
I'm srry i lied to you, I'm srry i stood you up
I'm sorry about all the time I forgot, your feelings and birthday.
I'm sorry about our fight, I'm sorry I never made up.
I'm sorry I didn't call. Can we ever be friends again?
But why did you lie? Tell my secrets and cheat?
Why did you bitch about our friends, like you really hated them?
I guess no one's perfect, we've all told lies, cheated, betrayed trust.
I guess it's our nature, But I don't like that.
Lets make up, you're my best friend.
Let's not fight anymore, Why'd we fight in the first place?
Sometimes we need to learn to love more
And forgive a few faults,
'Cause life's too short to hate.
             WHAT HAPPENED?
Everyday I’m thinking of you, hoping your thinking of me too.
I thought that we would be friends, we’d be friends 'till the end.
What the hell did I do wrong? It has been so long.
I thought you cared because you was always there, but now you just glance and won’t give me a chance.
It’s killing me inside, that it makes me want to hide.
We had fun together as far as I remember, hope you still know I’ll be your friend no matter what. 
Best friend NOT
I cant believe you would do this
Best friendss till we die yeah right
I thought that we could get bak 2 being that
but you choose 2 tlk about me behind ma bak
I 4give you so many times
But i guess you hate me that much
I dont no wat i dd wrong
Y cant u c u were the best friend
I eva had
But u played me like u played your boyfriend
I cant see y u had 2 do dis 2 me
If i kill ma self will u even care
I guess not since u choose 2 b
So mean
I think to ma self How come you had to go
Wateva happened to
"ill b der for u"?
I guess u played me like a fool
I think to ma self
Wateva happened to
"I hve da shoulder to cry on if u need it "?
But den again ur 2 caught up with ur boi 2 notice me at all
I think to maself
Wateva happened 2
"best friends till da day we die"?
But i guess u thought he was better and it's all becuz of u dat its not us nemore!
        Rejected by the world
They move their tired bodies
They continually struggle to breath
For their world is full of hurt and pain
That makes them want to leave
Our world ignores their problems
And continually misunderstands
That these are really living people
That move throughout out land
And now that I think
About all this
I realise there are many problems
That this world lets go amiss
For our world as we see it
Is to caught up in its own
To realise there are people
That go without a home
I wanted to be something that I couldnt be
I didnt understand why, I should just be me
But nobody is perfect, as I soon saw
Even the richest are a lil poor
I developed a personality that was all mine
My family and friends liked it just fine
So in the end, In the hardest way
I found being myself is the way to stay.
Why do we have to be judge
By the colour of skin?
Or for being to fat or to thin?
Why do people stop and stare
When you have green hair?
Why do people stop and stare
When you have a limp when you walk?
Why do people point and say
"Hey look at then I think they're gay?"
Why do people stop and glare
Just because you have tattos everywhere
Why cant we all be accepted for who we are
Instead of being judged from afar
Why are some so pretty?
Why are some so sweet?
Why are some so beautiful?
While the rest just dont compete
Why are some so attractive?
Why are some never hurt?
Why are some so popular?
While the rest get treated like dirt?
Why are looks so important?
Why is beauty everything?
Why do we have to look so good?
When our real beauty is within
Why cant we all be equal?
Why cant we all be complete
Why strive to achieve perfection
When happiness is all we should reap?

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